Phosphorus recycling from Glatt: economically and ecologically sensible

Phosphorus recycling from Glatt is called “PHOS4green”: This economical technology recovers phosphorus from sewage sludge ash and converts it directly into ready-to-use fertilizer granules.

Phosphorus is a valuable element. According to the current Fertilizer Ordinance, it will no longer be permissible to recycle phosphorus-containing sewage sludge directly to soil from 2029. Wastewater treatment plant operators are therefore required to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge ashes. A complete rethink has begun to take place: New concepts for sewage sludge disposal and recycling are needed.

But which phosphorus recycling technology is best suited, meets the legal requirements and makes ecological and also economic sense?

Your advantage in phosphorus recovery with “PHOS4green”

At Glatt, we have developed the innovative “PHOS4green” process: With it, we offer you an economical way of recovering phosphorus from sewage sludge ash. Ready-to-use fertilizer can then be produced from the recycled phosphorus. All of this is possible on an industrial scale.

Use our innovative phosphorus recycling PHOS4green for your economic and ecological advantage:

  • You fulfill the legal obligation to recycle phosphorus from sewage sludge.
  • You produce ready-to-use high-performance fertilizer from phosphorus recovery from local resources.
  • You close the nutrient cycle in terms of sustainable environmental protection and resource conservation.

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