Sieving and milling: for fractionating and chopping

Sieving is used to homogenize particles. During sieving, unwanted fine and coarse particles are separated – by fractionation or reduction.

Do your products already have the right particle size distribution? During a sieve analysis, we can determine this exactly and recommend the appropriate sieving technique; for sieving, we offer you different vibration sieves. This way, the desired homogeneous particle fractions can be formed.

Our grinding and screening machines for your regrind:

  • Granules, coarse particles, moist as well as dry goods: for homogenization we use mills that work according to the principle of rotor homogenizers. Coarse particles are reduced to the exact size required; wet and dry screening is possible in one mill.
  • Particularly hard particles: we crush them with friction screens.
  • Particularly demanding particles: we process them with oscillating mills; the size reduction or fractionation of particles is more gentle here than with a rotor homogenizing mill.