Blending – the process for even distribution of active ingredients

During blending, particles of one substance are pushed between the particles of another. The goal is homogeneous dispersity, i.e. uniform distribution of active ingredients.

What properties do your ingredients have and what quality do you aim for in the end product? The aggregate state of the mixed material is also essential – are the substances liquid or solid?

The Glatt blending technology does it

Based on your requirements, we select the right blending technology for uniform distribution of active ingredients. We offer you special blenders for your blending task or take over the blending in contract manufacturing. Either way – it’s always Glatt blending technology at work:

  • Container mixers
  • High shear granulators
  • Fluid bed granulators

In blenders and high-shear granulators, motion, gravity and blending tools work together perfectly; in the fluid bed, blending takes place by means of a permanent fluidized bed.

And before blending? Often comes sieving:

Our systems for mixing your products: