Glatt Pharmaceutical Services.

Glatt Pharmaceutical Services develops and produces solid pharmaceutical dosage forms. Our focus lies on multiparticulate systems such as pellets, micropellets and granules. Whether you are looking for optimal bioavailablity or taste masking, improved solubility or stabilization of the dosage form, we have the right solution for every challenge.

Glatt Pharmaceutical Services brings together fundamentals, experience and innovative technology expertise. With our comprehensive services, we support you from product idea to market launch.

For clinical studies and market supply, we manufacture medicines in bulk and efficiently bring your products to market. ur technical capabilities facilitate a seamless scale-up from the lab to commercial production scale, for which we conduct all requisite analytical studies and stability tests. For optimal processes and a secure investment.

Process development is conducted in our technology centers in Binzen in Southern Germany and in Ramsey, New Jersey in the United States. These sites give you access to innovative laboratory and production facilities for pilot projects and manufacturing. Both centers use technologies in compliance with GMP norms approved by the FDA, the EMA (Binzen) and the DEA (Ramsey).

Take advantage of solutions for innovative products and processes. To keep you in the lead.