When two family companies go into business

Sometime sales are closed with a small addition and a handshake. That is what happened between Glatt Systemtechnik in Dresden and Hermle AG in Gosheim, a family-owned company that manufactures state-of-the-art CNC machines. As Glatt, we have more than just a business relationship with Hermle, but rather a close and long-standing partnership: in the past, Hermle has spared no effort to support Glatt Systemtechnik with gigantic technological leaps in the manufacturing of highly complex valves.

During negotiations to purchase a new Hermle CNC machine for our plant in Dresden, Glatt Group President Reiner Nowak discovered a stainless-steel model of a Porsche 356 at Hermle and was immediately very impressed. He agreed to purchase the new machine on the “condition” 😉 that Hermle director Franz-Xaver Bernhard would throw in the CNC instructions for manufacturing the Porsche model on the Hermle system.

Now there is a small stainless-steel Porsche in a meeting room in the company restaurant in Binzen. It’s a perfect fit, because the building was used by a Porsche dealer before Glatt moved in. Sometimes business deals between companies are surprisingly human.