When two family companies go into business

Sometime sales are closed with a small addition and a handshake.

The design and modularisation of API synthesis plants

The rapid transition from the benchtop to commercial production is crucial for a successful market launch, return on investment and to fully capitalise on the patent timeline.

All-in-one process and plant operation: Glatt joins forces with Merck for cosmetic pigment production

The pigment specialists at Merck and the technology and production experts at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik have worked closely together to produce an innovative range of cosmetic pigments using completely new technology.

Powder synthesis – Particle design optimizes battery materials

Glatt powder synthesis offers a versatile tool for the development and industrial production of innovative battery materials. The highly flexible technology opens up the possibility of producing and refining anode and cathode materials as well as solid electrolytes in just one step. The key to the effectiveness of this process is the special conditions in the pulsating hot gas flow. (Article in German language)

Cleanroom design: Correctly planning ceilings and their installations and implementing them structurally

Clear requirements in the current GMP regulations and other applicable specifications define how a cleanroom must be designed. In practical implementation, they meet the needs of the client and must be taken into account in the choice of system and in the execution on site. Ronny Töpfer, project engineer at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar, explains one procedure for the realisation of cleanroom ceilings.

From the idea to industrial production

Whether new construction, modernisation, expansion or relocation – Glatt has all the technical know-how for the production and handling of a wide range of products under cleanroom conditions as well as for the planning, construction and operation of the corresponding plants.

Optimising functional ingredients for enhanced nutrition with fluid bed and spouted bed technologies

Fluidised bed and spouted bed processes by Glatt offer manufacturers almost unlimited possibilities in terms of optimised particle design and the functionalisation of ingredients.

Photovoltaics supplies Glatt with green electricity (German article)

Glatt’s photovoltaic plant in Weimar is equipped with 252 solar modules and is used entirely for the company’s own needs.

The Glatt company is committed to environmental protection

In everyday life, environmental protection and the economical use of resources are important maxims of the company, the company emphasizes in its press release.